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CONTRACTS from the United States Department of Defense No. 139-01

FOR RELEASE AT 5 p.m. ET April 2, 2001

(703)697-5131(media) (703)697-5737 (public/industry)


  1. ADI Technology Corp.,* Alexandria, Va.;
  2. Advanced Engineering & Research Associates, Inc.,* Alexandria, Va.;
  3. ANADAC, Inc., Arlington, Va.;
  4. Anteon Corp., Fairfax, Va.;
  5. BAE Systems Applied Technologies, Inc., Rockville, Md.;
  6. CACI Technologies, Inc., Chantilly, Va.;
  7. Columbia Research Corp.,* Arlington, Va.;
  8. Computer Sciences Corp., Arlington, Va.;
  9. DTI Associates, Inc.,* Arlington, Va.;
  10. EG&G Technical Services, Inc., Gaithersburg, Md.;
  11. Gray Hawk Systems, Inc.,* Alexandria, Va.;
  12. GRC International, Vienna, Va.;
  13. Gryphon Technologies, LC,* Washington, D.C.;
  14. John J. McMullen Associates, Inc., Alexandria, Va.;
  15. Litton PRC, Inc., McLean, Va.;
  16. Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems, Inc., Bethesda, Md.;
  17. Logicon, Inc., Falls Church, Va.;
  18. Planning Consultants, Inc., Virginia Beach, Va.;
  19. TMASC Joint Venture, Chantilly, Va.;
  20. Unified-ZAI Joint Venture,* Springfield, Va.;
  21. Vredenburg, Reston, Va.,

are each being awarded an indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity multiple award contracts with a ceiling price of $14,500,000,000 to provide professional support services for Naval Sea Systems Command and its affiliated directorates, program executive offices, and field activities. Work will be performed in Alexandria, Va.; Arlington, Va.; Fairfax, Va.; Rockville, Md.; Chantilly, Va.; Gaithersburg, Md.; Vienna, Va.; Washington, D.C.; McLean, Va.; Bethesda, Md., Falls Church, Va.; Virginia Beach, Va.; Springfield, Va.; and Reston, Va.

Percentages of work at these locations will be determined as task orders are awarded. These contracts contain a guaranteed minimum order of $25,000 with a maximum of $5,000,000,000 per task (five-year base period, with two five-year options years). NAVSEA is obligating $25,000 for each contract/vendor, which will expire at the end of the current fiscal year. These contracts were competitively awarded, with 21 offers received. Naval Sea Systems Command, Arlington, Va., is the contracting activity.

  1. ADI Technology Corp. - N00024-01-D-7010;
  2. Advanced Engineering & Research Associates, Inc. - N00024-01-D-7011;
  3. ANADAC, Inc. - N00024-01-D-7012;
  4. Anteon Corp. - N00024-01-D-7013;
  5. BAE Systems Applied Technologies Inc. - N00024-01-D-7014;
  6. CACI Technologies, Inc. -N00024-01-D-7015;
  7. Columbia Research Corp. - N00024-01-D-7016;
  8. Computer Sciences Corp. - N00024-01-D-7017;
  9. DTI Associates, Inc. - N00024-01-D-7018;
  10. EG&G Technical Services, Inc. - N00024-01-D-7019;
  11. Gray Hawk Systems, Inc. - N00024-01-D-7020;
  12. GRC International - N00024-01-D-7021;
  13. Gryphon Technologies, LC - N00024-01-D-7022;
  14. John J. McMullen Associates, Inc. - N00024-01-D-7023;
  15. Litton PRC, Inc. - N00024-01-D-7024;
  16. Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems, Inc. - N00024-01-D-7025;
  17. Logicon, Inc. - N00024-01-D-7026;
  18. Planning Consultants, Inc. - N00024-01-D-7027;
  19. TMASC Joint Venture - N00024-01-D-7028;
  20. Unified-ZAI Joint Venture - N00024-01-D-7029,
  21. Vredenburg - N00024-01-D-7030).