Please view our original charter. Note that we have changed our name from the NAVSEA Support Services Acquisition Program Office to the NAVSEA SeaPort™ Office.



The purpose of this document is to establish a Charter for the NAVSEA Support Services Acquisition Program Office. Now known as SeaPort™.


By direction of the NEC decision of 29 November 1999, the Support Services Acquisition Program Office (SSAPO) was established in March 2000. This office is responsible for the development of the detailed process, plans and the vehicles for NAVSEA to procure Professional Support Services (PSS) in the most efficient and effective manner, enabling the PEOs/Directorates to absorb the strategic sourcing wedge with minimal impact on their ability to meet their mission.

Responsibilities of the SSAPO

SSAPO will be the Command expert on contracting for Professional Support Services in a timely and cost effective manner. The SSAPO will:

  • Plan, develop, issue and award the Command level IDIQ contracts for PSS.
  • Develop the Command policy for PSS Contracting; to include all aspects of contracting support services within NAVSEA.
  • Develop the policy and procedures for transitioning existing NAVSEA contracts to the IDIQ contracts.
  • Develop a complete training program for NAVSEA personnel. The program will include all elements of the contracting process from integration analysis through task order preparation and execution.
  • Establish and provide a model by which PEOs/Directorates shall perform Integration Analysis.
  • Develop the metrics to assess the effectiveness of the support services consolidation.
  • Develop electronic business process for ordering services.
  • Report progress to the Business Transformation Executive Team (BTET) and others as necessary.

SSAPO's duties with regards to execution of the MACs (Multiple Award Contracts) are yet to be determined by NAVSEA Policy.

Operating Relationships

The team, consisting of the members below may also call upon the expertise of other agencies, PEOs/Directorates and contractors as required and will coordinate closely with the BTET. Members are detailed to the SSAPO for approximately 12 months (March 2000 to March 2001). The following agree to their responsibilities as outlined in this Charter:

James M. Bailey SEA 91 Program Manager
Ann VanHouten SEA 02 Deputy
Frank Putzu SEA 00L Advisor
Lofti Ali A. PEO TSC Staff
Val H. James PEO SUB Staff
P. Kelly Iler PEO SUB Staff
Susan Przybilla PEO SUB Staff
Zena M. Thomas SEA 01 Staff
Tony Carlisi SEA 02 Staff
Gloria Carter SEA 02 Staff
Anthony J. Salemi SEA 04 Staff
James W. Quick SEA 05 Staff
Herb Pittman SEA 91 Staff
Bob Stephenson SEA 91 Staff

SSAPO Program Manager:

Jim Bailey

Approved by:

Pat Tamburrino