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Program Management

1. Draft, analyze, integrate, review and provide recommendations for Milestone and other documentation in accordance with Government, DOD and Service regulations

2. Evaluate issues and provide recommendations related to ship, submarine, information system, or weapon system cost, schedule, and performance

3. Gather information, identify issues and provide recommendations and draft documentation to achieve overall goals for weapon system strategic planning

4. Recommend resolution of issues for milestone decisions

5. Provide programming, planning and budgeting management

6. Provide information and recommendations to respond to Congressional, DOD, other Government agency, media or industry inquiries, and audits and for Congressional testimony

7. Analyze, evaluate and provide recommendations for the planning, development, monitoring and execution of procurement and contractual documentation and field activity performance

8. Facilitate IPTs, special advisory boards, offsites, working groups, audit teams etc.

9. Analyze, evaluate and prepare program briefs, reports and correspondence

10. Review, analyze and provide recommendations to utilize new initiatives and best practices to improve areas within program management

11. Prepare and maintain program documentation

12. Analyze, evaluate and provide recommendations for the management of FMS, International, DEA, Joint and Tri-service, etc. programs

13. Provide inputs to independent cost estimates (for life cycle costs or other activities)

14. Prepare estimates at completion (EAC) for work conducted by a government activity or a contractor

15. Analyze contractor proposals as permitted by law and regulation

16. Provide recommendations on cost realism

17. Conduct cost/performance trade off studies

18. Perform contract earned value management system (EVMS) analyses

19. Analyze, evaluate and provide recommendations for Total Ownership Cost (TOC), CAIV and LCC evaluations and associated management plans

20. Perform tradeoff studies and risk assessments

21. Provide program support for reviews, conferences, briefings and other meetings

22. Conduct surveys and analyze results

23. Draft program schedules and Gantt charts and perform critical path analysis

24. Integrate (ESH) Environmental, Safety and Health requirements with the DOD acquisition process

25. Review, track, and evaluate contract deliverables

26. Provide waterfront liaison

27. Provide design oversight including configuration and data management

28. Review, assess and monitor production reports and recommend resolution to production problems

29. Draft, analyze, review and provide recommendations on test and evaluation program planning, provide installation, testing, execution documentation and checkout support of ship and weapons systems and participate in tests and trials

30. Provide recommendations and initiatives for Command Improvements to reduce overall costs, including but not limited to Business Case Analysis, cost benefit analysis, e-business solutions