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  1. The Contractor agrees that a partial basis for award of this IDIQ contract is the list of team members (companies) proposed. The list is included as Attachment 2 to this contract. The Contractor may not add or delete any team member from the team without a prior contract modification signed by the Procuring Contracting Officer.
  2. In addition, for Orders under Item 0001 or Option Items 0004 or 0007, the Contractor agrees to assign to the task order those key persons identified with the Task Order response necessary to fulfill the requirements of the task order. No substitution shall be made without prior notification to and concurrence of the Contracting Officer in accordance with this requirement.
  3. All proposed substitutes shall have qualifications equal to or higher than the qualifications of the person to be replaced. The Contracting Officer shall be notified in writing of any proposed substitution at least forty-five (45) days, or ninety (90) days if a security clearance is to be obtained, in advance of the proposed substitution. Such notification shall include:

·         an explanation of the circumstances necessitating the substitution;

·         a complete resume of the proposed substitute; and

·         any other information requested by the Contracting Officer to enable him/her to judge whether or not the Contractor is maintaining the same high quality of personnel that provided the partial basis for award.