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H-4 NAVSEA 5252.233-9103


(a) For the purposes of this special contract requirement, the term "change" includes not only a change that is made pursuant to a written order designated as a "change order" but also (1) an engineering change proposed by the Government or by the Contractor and (2) any act or omission to act on the part of the Government in respect of which a request is made for equitable adjustment.

(b) Whenever the Contractor requests or proposes an equitable adjustment of $100,000 or more per vessel in respect to a change made pursuant to a written order designated as a "change order" or in respect to a proposed engineering change and whenever the Contractor requests an equitable adjustment in any amount in respect to any other act or omission to act on the part of the Government, the proposal supporting such request shall contain the following information for each individual item or element of the request:

(1) A description (i) of the work required by the contract before the change, which has been deleted by the change, and (ii) of the work deleted by the change, which already has been completed. The description is to include a list of components, equipment, and other identifiable property involved. Also, the status of manufacture, procurement, or installation of such property is to be indicated. Separate description is to be furnished for design and production work. Items of raw material, purchased parts, components and other identifiable hardware, which are made excess by the change and which are not to be retained by the Contractor, are to be listed for later disposition;

(2) Description of work necessary to undo work already completed which has been deleted by the change;

(3) Description of work not required by the terms hereof before the change, which is substituted or added by the change. A list of components and equipment (not bulk materials or items) involved should be included. Separate descriptions are to be furnished for design work and production work;

(4) Description of interference and inefficiencies in performing the change;

(5) Description of each element of disruption and exactly how work has been, or will be disrupted:

·         The calendar period of time during which disruption occurred, or will occur;

·         (ii) Area(s) aboard the vessel where disruption occurred, or will occur;

·         (iii) Trade(s) disrupted, with a breakdown of man-hours for each trade;

·         (iv) Scheduling of trades before, during, and after period of disruption;

·         (v) Description of measures taken to lessen the disruptive effect of the change;

(6) Delay in delivery attributable solely to the change;

(7) Other work attributable to the change;

(8) Supplementing the foregoing, a narrative statement of the direct "causal" relationship between any alleged Government act or omission and the claimed consequences therefore, cross-referenced to the detailed information provided as required above; and

(9) A statement setting forth a comparative enumeration of the amounts "budgeted" for the cost elements, including the material costs, labor hours and pertinent indirect costs, estimated by the Contractor in preparing its initial and ultimate proposal(s) for this contract, and the amounts claimed to have been incurred and/or projected to be incurred corresponding to each such "budgeted cost" elements.

(c) Each proposal in excess of $100,000 submitted in support of a claim for equitable adjustment under any requirement of this contract shall, in addition to the information required by paragraph (b) hereof, contain such information as the Contracting Officer may require with respect to each individual claim item.

(d) It is recognized that individual claims for equitable adjustment may not include all of the factors listed in paragraph (b) above. Accordingly, the Contractor is required to set forth in its proposal information only with respect to those factors, which are comprehended, in the individual claim for equitable adjustment. In any event, the information furnished hereunder shall be in sufficient detail to permit the Contracting Officer to cross-reference the claimed increased costs, or delay in delivery, or both, as appropriate, submitted pursuant to paragraph (c) of this requirement, with the information submitted pursuant to paragraph (b) hereof.