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It is a material contract requirement that each IDIQ holder maintain a publicly available website throughout the period of performance of the contract. This website at minimum must include the following items:

·         A copy of the IDIQ contract and all task orders;

·         A copy of all technical instructions issued against any task order;

·         A list of all team members proposed and their capability/area of expertise;

·         A description of the last 3 years professional support services experience, for the prime contractors and each subcontractor, listed by functional area (program management, logistics, financial management and engineering) and Program Executive Office, Directorate and specific Program, as appropriate.

·         Reference POC to determine information on customer satisfaction with the services performed;

·         A description of the prime’s quality assurance program;

·         Points of contact for information related to IDIQ contracts

The contractor shall provide the PCO with the web address within 10 government working days of receipt of the contract. Failure to maintain the website may adversely impact the IDIQ holder's ability to win task orders as the information provided on the website may be used as part of the fair opportunity to be considered for certain task orders.