Proposal Submission Rules
  1. SeaPort™ posts the solicitation document within the "Events" tab of the Vendor Portal as a .pdf (portable document format) file. It is the responsibility of all potential offerors to check the Events tab for information regarding business opportunities.
  2. As a convenience to MAC holders, SeaPort™ emails notification of a posted business opportunity to all MAC holders, consistent with the Fair Opportunity to Compete requirements, advising of a new solicitation document on SeaPort's Vendor Portal. This courtesy is not guaranteed; see Rule #1.
  3. Interested MAC holders log in and extract the solicitation document.
  4. MAC holders download Section K - Representations and Certifications, complete and submit with proposal.
  5. MAC holders develop presentations and/or proposal documents as required by the solicitation document selection procedures.
  6. Before the closing date and time specified, a MAC Contractor with authority to bind the company returns to the web site and logs in using a registered user name and password. Knowledge and use of the MAC holder's password is sufficient evidence of the individual having authority to bind the company. The offeror adds their proposal documents as attachments and completes the form with a grand total of all priced items in the solicitation. Once the modified information is submitted to SeaPort™ via the Vendor Portal it is considered electronically signed and is a legally binding offer.