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We anticipate this contract will be used primarily for the acquisition of repetitive, high-dollar value professional support services. Therefore, we are seeking contractors to identify business improvement processes, innovations, and cost saving initiatives to provide high quality services at a reduced cost to the Government.

For any Task Order with a base period of one year under Items 0001 and 0003, Options Item 0004 and 0006 or Options Item 0007 and 0009 substantially identical requirements in subsequent years under Item 0002, Option Item 0005 or Option Item 0008 the contractor agrees to the maximum extent practicable to reduce the price for services performed under each sequential year by at least:

% Reductions from base period or price from previous year:

Year 1 * %

Year 2 * %

Year 3 * %

Year 4 * %

In addition, the contractor agrees to provide the Government with a volume discount. If the total value of task orders awarded within a calendar year exceeds $*, the Contractor will reduce the prices on all work to be performed in the following calendar year by *% of the price listed in Section B of each task order.

The Contractor agrees that the maximum pass through rate which shall be charged against any and all line items under this contract shall not exceed *%.