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Financial Management

1. Review and prepare draft Program Objective Memorandum (POM) documentation

2. Develop Impact Statements

3. Prepare briefing materials/issue papers/point papers/adhoc reports

4. Develop/prepare and review future year financial program plans

5. Develop financial aspects of POA&Ms

6. Develop background information to justify financial program requirement

7. Provide program analysis and evaluation reports in support of the Navy programming process

8. Analyze financial information in program planning documents and processes

9. Conduct financial analysis and financial risk analysis identifying and evaluating financial risks and recommend management techniques to mitigate risk exposure

10. Develop and prepare draft budget formulation documentation and recommendations in support of the Navy, OSD and Congressional Program and Budget processes

11. Draft budget exhibits

12. Draft spreadsheets, reports, and conduct analysis for short and long-range budget requirements

13. Prepare and provide recommendations to justify and defend budgets during all required annual and periodic budget submissions

14. Draft and provide recommended responses to Congressional inquiries, Navy, DoD and other government agency questions or requests for financial information

15. Prepare and amend spending plans and funding documents to provide funding to other government activities and contractors

16. Prepare ledger reports, ledger tracking, maintenance and support of specified financial management information systems and Standard Accounting Reporting System (STARS) or any other official accounting program tracking systems

17. Collect, monitor and analyze obligation/expenditure information from the source (contractor or government activity) and official and/or unofficial accounting records or systems

18. Prepare reprogramming requests and reclamas

19. Collect, analyze and recommend prioritization of unfunded requirements

20. Draft/review/prepare back up information and recommendations for financial presentations,

21. Resolve problem disbursements

22. Provide reconciliation for the unofficial undistributed disbursements (UUDs) and negative unliquidated obligations with the Standard Accounting Reporting System (STARS) and /or other accounting systems

23. Provide documentation in support of reconciliation and account closure including coordination with government and commercial activities

24. Provide analyses of contractual financial execution

25. Track award fee and incentive fee commitments

26. Track and provide recommendations for execution of the Navy financial systems such as the Navy Industrial Accounting and budgeting systems

27. Facilitate financially related IPTs, special advisory boards, off-sites, working groups, audit teams, etc.

28. Provide analytical assessments, studies and evaluations to improve financial policy development and decision making

29. Prepare independent cost estimates (for life cycle costs or other activities)

30. Provide input to estimates at completion (EAC) for work conducted by a government activity or a contractor

31. Provide recommendations on cost realism

32. Provide inputs to cost/performance tradeoff studies

33. Provide contract earned value management system (EVMS) analyses

34. Provide cost performance risk assessments

35. Provide information and recommendations to respond to Congressional, DOD, other Government agency, media or industry inquiries, and audits and for Congressional Testimony

36. Provide recommendations and initiatives for Command Improvements to reduce overall costs, including but not limited to Business Case Analysis, cost benefit analysis, e-business solutions