Independent Government Cost Estimate and Funding
Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE)

The ICGE is very important to the acquisition process. The ICGE assists the PCO in determining the reasonableness of a contractor's cost and technical proposals and gain assurance that there is a "meeting of the minds" between the program office and the PCO regarding the scope of the task order. If discussions or negotiations are necessary prior to Task Order award, the ICGE assists in developing and presenting the Government position. If possible, the ICGE should be based on actual costs instead of a best guess.


Type of Funds

What type of funds will be used to purchase the services that you require? Any fund type can be used to purchase services under SeaPort and multiple fund types may be used on a task order.

Appropriateness of Funds

Only certain types of funds can be used for certain type of work. Services can not be purchased if the wrong type of funds is proposed. The contracting officer and the NAVSEA comptroller will review the Statement of Work (SOW) to assure that the type of funds proposed are appropriate for the type of services to be purchased. United States Code, Title 31, Chapter 13, Section 1301 and the NAVSEA Comptroller's 1301(a) Review Checklist can provide you with more information concerning appropriateness of funds. Also, remember that certain keywords may have implications when used with a specific type of funding.

Prohibited Obligations and Expenditures

Obligations and expenditures exceeding appropriated or otherwise permitted amounts is a serious offense and may result in adverse personnel actions and criminal penalties. Put simply, don't do it. United States Code, Title 31, Chapter 15, Section 1517 can provide you with more information concerning prohibited obligations and expenditures.