Bid Preparation and Evaluation Processing Time
Though SeaPort drastically reduces the amount of time required to award a task order, MAC holders need sufficient time to prepare and submit their proposal. Additionally, the evaluation team needs sufficient time to evaluate the received proposals. Accordingly, all new requirements (and modifications to existing task orders) should be begun with adequate lead-time.

In the event an action needs to be processed in an accelerated manner, this action should be identified as early as possible. The need to process procurements and documents in an urgent and/or emergency basis must be clearly identified in the comment section of the Procurement Request.
Program offices can also review the NAVSEA comptroller's policy and procedures for urgent processing of funding actions. (Please note that this web site can only be viewed by those who have access to the NAVSEA intranet.)

Program offices should also contact a SeaPort contracting officer to discuss the situation and identify ways to expedite the processing of the request and to develop realistic timeframes for proceeding on which all parties can agree.

Program offices are asked to submit any requirements (and modifications) requiring award by the end of the fiscal year (30 September) no later than 10 September.