Government Execution

SeaPort™ follows a process comparable to the Contractor to electronically execute a document. Following receipt of offers, the Government will evaluate the proposals in accordance with the solicitation document for the Task Order (TO). Upon selection of a MAC holder for award of the TO, the TO will be completed with the information provided by the successful offeror, such as Section B pricing. Then, a PCO with authority to enter into the TO will log in to the SeaPort™ Government Portal using a registered user name and password and execute the TO on behalf of the Government. The system only allows a warranted contracting officer to execute a task order or a modification. This electronic signature event and associated time date stamp will be captured in the Government Portal log file. At this point the TO is considered to be bilaterally executed by both parties. The resulting executed TO will be both stored electronically in the task order library and forwarded electronically to the successful MAC holder as a .pdf file.